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    the welfare state in britain=i surmise


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    the welfare state in britain=i surmise Empty the welfare state in britain=i surmise

    Post  lost on Thu May 12, 2011 3:18 pm

    almost 40 years ago i chose a career in social work.the language i use here are of some specific importance,although i dont at this juncture intend to explore them except to say;i organised with others who whilst we did not believe there was anything substantive which could be called radical social work,there were "spaces"in which reform could be achieved and the system made to produce some level of genuine change or improvement for some of those in need.

    a number of complex proceses have taken place since which,put admittedly simplistically have closed down those previously available options.amongst other things they have shifted from service provision as a safety net to the poorest and most vulnerable to ways of making that population maleable to the needs of capital. i would for example suggest that whilst some women have been able to obtain some level of increased support,this is primarilly to promote an increase in the size of the reserve army of labour which also has an impact on reducing if not wages directly,then places increased downward pressure on wage levels.

    other processses have sliced and lengthened a number of social processes so that they appear as tools of socialmanagement and that for example restrictions of benefits can be appealed but in such a way that overturned decisions result in a small percentage of social costs set against a larger proportion of savings.this also has the effect of giving the impression of fairness within equal opportunity and meritocracy,that actually also tries to disguise the increasing gap in comes.

    yet the dialectic dynamic operates within a crisis and contradiction riddles system.whilst it may be more difficult to make a difference to and with individuals it remains,i have to hope possible that those crises show that the system is not as stable as the systems advocates pretend and that what appears to be natural and just is is is barbaric and the gross and the subtle inequalities are very much present.what makes it all unpredictable rather than inevitable,let alone economically determined in either direction-socialism or barbarism is human agency and power.

    there is nothing inevitable about any of it,though this does stress the importance of us,workers building maximum solidarity and unity that makes best use of both our collective organisation,strength and initiative.

    an example for me is that,as part of my job i write reports prior to sentencing of offenders.some of those are about benefit fraud.the report places an individuals behaviour in some level,within the system it can make a difference although one of its limitations is that this individautes a problem when it not only happens in a social context but reflects the social tensions of a class society.

    what is however striking when hughlighted is that however limited the punishment,the individual is seen to be at fault,to have broken the law and to have been punished.

    take another more limited group of people.those elected to parlaiment.whilst id do not wish to accuse the majority of breaking the law,it is clear that in the expenses rosw of the last parliament many had been involved in some level of wrongdoing.

    it is that group of people who control the public purse and make the rules about expenses claims.some then bent those rules,which for whatever reason were not working to boost their income.benefit claimants dont get expenses and nor do increasing numbers of publiuc secvtor workers who as part of their responsibilities incur expenses which were always limited to either actual amounts spent or agreed,negoiated rates.

    benefit fraudsters get prosecuted and punished.they cannot offset any fraudulent income against other a public sector worker,if i get accussed of a crime,i get fired.yet today a lib dem mp who claimed £40,000 2in serious breach"of parliamentary protocols.his right to protect his privacy in the process has been respected.he has been allowed to pay the money and is not allowed into the house of commons for 7 my opinion even this punishes those he represents not clearly demonstrates one law for one class and another for thoser who rule over us.its is class justice otherwise known asd pigs justice.

    for me it also reflects a creeping level of corruption,that in turn is part of the decadance of capitalism which allows injustice to be disguised as something else.

    it does more than disgust me.its part of a system which if ever it was natural,isnt hell with it all and those who at every turn exploit,oppress and rip us off.this is not class envy,it is a call to NO WAR BUT CLASS WAR.

    to hell with their obsequious fairness.we need to organise in every space and opportunity we can across our class internationally to meet-one problem,one struggle,one class,one solution,one justice.REVOLUTION NOW>REGIME CHANGE HERE.

    we wont be grabbing after pounds or pennies,we want the whol bloody bakery-to make a better world.a world we have to win.

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